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Friday, July 31, 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, Canada turned on the fine weather and we spent a rewarding day exploring before heading out to the airport for our flight home.  Driving and navigating in a large, unfamiliar city (especially driving on the opposite side of the road than what you are used to) is always stressful, and we usually try to avoid it as much as possible.  On this occasion though, we successfully parked right in the centre of 'downtown' Vancouver, and explored some of the inner city and harbour edge.  Blue skies, a light breeze and a high of 25 deg C were the "icing on the cake" for a great last day of a wonderful holiday.  14,000 kilometers driven in 7 weeks is not something I want to do again in a hurry, but it was worth it.

A few of the different faces of Vancouver.

The Old - the Steam Clock (on the right) draws its power from the city's underground steam-heat system.  

The New - I love the reflections of buildings on buildings.

The Harbour - A giant orca sculpture portrays  the importance of the sea in Vancouver's heritage.

I don't have a photo, but we also drove through another area of Vancouver which isn't in the tourist guidebooks.  Quite close to  the steam clock , was a city park full of people who appeared homeless.  A good reminder to me that all cities have their underside.

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