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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Talkeetna, Alaska

Talkeetna is an small old town used as a base town for mountaineers attempting to climb Mt Denali, the highest peak in north America.  It is also full of tourists, who wish to take a scenic flight to see the mountain, and also has many other thrill-seeking adventure opportunities on offer.  Sorry the photos all appear so dark, it was raining.

The patterns made by cross-sections of tree trunks and branches.

A typical shop in town.

Only in America.

Hunting and fishing would be two main reasons most visitors come to Alaska.   

Of Cabbages and Things

Alaska has a short growing period for plants, but lots of daylight hours.  This combination seems to produce vibrant colours, and over-sized everything.  These cabbages were huge!  

Just one leaf would be enough for Peter Rabbit and all his siblings and friends.


You can't help feeling cheerful seeing shopfronts like this, even if it is raining.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lake Hood, Anchorage, Alaska

After an overnight flight from Honolulu we arrived in Anchorage at dawn.  

A beautiful way to be greeted on arrival.
Lake Hood is adjacent to the main Anchorage airport, and is the largest floatplane base in the world.  Our hotel was beside the lake which was perfect for viewing the planes.

After a lot of dull and drizzly weather the sun came out.  :-}

Monday, August 21, 2017

Laniakea Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Laniakea Beach is a special beach where turtles hang out.  These are wild turtles and they were not laying eggs, just having a rest and sunning themselves on the beach.  The public are not allowed to touch the turtles, and there was a small rope separating them from the humans.  There is no guarantee there will be any there when you visit.  There were five turtles of various sizes while we were there.

Laniakea Beach was also a great place to cool off and have a swim. 

Oahu, Hawaii

Our second and final day was spent driving around Oahu.  We were lucky to have another blue sky day.

First stop was this overlook where one person had found found a way down to the sand.

Pali Lookout was so windy we had trouble standing up,  This time the views were a study in greens.

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is part of a cemetery.

The fish in the temple pond were being fed.  A writhing colourful mass.

Lunch spot.

Waikiki - warm and wonderful

Waikiki was a welcome change from New Zealand's winter weather.  The air temperature was warm and the sea temperature was perfect!  

Doesn't that look inviting?

Not very big waves but there were lots of surfers further out.

Wave break on the sea wall.

Near Diamond Head

to watch the sunset.  

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Piazza San Marco, Basilica di San Marco and Doge's Palace, Venice

The Basilica di san Marco and Doge's Palace are reputed to be the No. 1 attractions in Venice, both found at Piazza San Marco.  (Saint Mark's Square).  We arrived after fighting our way through the  crowded narrow streets to find the basilica had scaffolding around part of it, and the crowds were even worse in the square.  We didn't go inside either building.  A selection of photos though.

A very small part of Basilica di San Marco.

The impressive Doge's Palace.

Gondola's lined up on the lagoon, waiting for passengers.  The next photo is taken from the tower in the background, taken a couple of day's later and involving a ferry ride to the island.

St Mark's Square is over on the left where the mass of people are beneath the bell tower.  The domes of the basilica are behind the huge Doge's Palace on the water front.