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Friday, August 25, 2017

Bears in the Wild

It was an exciting morning for both of us today, seeing bears in the wild.  Neets Bay is a 30 minute float plane ride from Ketchikan in southeast Alaska, and lucky for us the rain cleared and we were able to go.  The salmon were running and we saw bears from the moment we disembarked.  There were no elevated viewing areas and I forgot to ask our guide exactly what he would do in the event of an attack.  Thankfully, the bears were pre-occupied with salmon.  These are black bears which are not as dangerous as brown bears (grizzlies), so they say.

The big picture.  The seagulls are attracted by the salmon.

Mum with cubs approxiately 3 months old.


Don't mess with me!  This fella was quite close, about 20 metres away.

Perfect conditions for flying in a float plane.

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