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Friday, May 5, 2017

Roaming Rome

Finally managed to find time to post some photos.  Our schedule has been very busy and every day has been wonderful! One amazing city!  Just a few unedited shots.

II Vittoriano, a massive white marble monument to honour Italy's first king, Victor Emmanuel II.  Building started 1885.

The Roman Forum, once ancient Rome's centre,  First developed in 7th century BC, and the centre of the Roman Empire.

View from the balcony of St Peter's Bascillica looking down on the square.  A wonderful reward after climbing lots of stairs.

The view from the square.  These people are queuing to go through the security check.  

Ponte Sant'Angelo over the Tiber River.  The dome of St Peter's in the background.

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  1. So good to see what you are up to. Looks fabulous, and I trust you are really enjoying it all and have caught up on some sleep.