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Friday, April 28, 2017

Anzac Day 2017

It's been quite a while since the last post, but I'm now back with enthusiasm.  

These three photos were all taken 25 April, or Anzac Day.  The dawn service here was held outside the surf club looking out over the ocean to the east.  It was pitch black when I walked there with only a beautiful skinny crescent moon and Venus to light my way.  I think all who attended were moved by the short service.

Dawn service outside the Pauanui Surf Club.

The rising of the sun.  (Large log swept down the Tairua River in recent storms.)

A little while later the sun was well and truly lighting up the coast.  I did not get wet taking this photo, as this is a small, temporary pond created by previous heavy rain and it is not there now.

This photo was taken two or three weeks ago, just after the Coromandel received a battering from the storm Ex Tropical Cyclone Debbie and shows the mess on our beautiful, once white, sandy beach.  As I am discovering however, nothing stays the same for long on the beach, and this morning most of the smaller branches are gone.

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