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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project occupies a 160 ft deep natural crater and has giant geodesic temperature controlled "biomes" as well a large area of landscaped gardens outside.  Vegetation from different climate zones are represented as well as external mini plantations of tea, hops tobacco, and vegetables interspersed with brilliant flower displays.  We were again very lucky as the heavy rain we had experienced in the couple of hours it had taken us to drive there, stopped as we parked the car and our time there was warm and sunny.  

The giant domes

A giant bee sculpture

A lot of the flower displays were past their best, but these sunflowers were quite spectacular.  I would love to come back in the different seasons.  

We found a secluded bench to eat our picnic, and were soon joined by this little bird.  I presume a robin?

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