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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Red Lake, Ontario

After a flight from Vancouver to Winnipeg, and quite a few hundred kilometers (and a couple of overnight stops) we arrived at Red Lake, Ontario.  Looking at a map of Ontario, the township of Red Lake is the most northeastern spot accessible by road.  It is also the home of the Norseman floatplane.  They were built in World War II, and are very rugged, and helped open up northern Canada.  This is one of the last places they still fly and every year they have a Norseman Festival.  Our timing wasn't right this year, but Richard says maybe another year.

A Norseman preserved and on display down by the floatplane dock in the centre of town.

Apart from the one on the pole, there are two other Norsemen and three Otters visible in the photo.

Useless fact:-  lovely sunny summer's day, temperature of about 25 deg C.  In January the average daytime high is minus 35 deg C.

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