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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Upper Waterton Lake,Alberta Canada and Goat Haunt, Montana, U.S.A. Waterton Lakes National Park

Our first "sunset" since we have been away, looking out over Upper Waterton Lake.  After this was taken we had a night of thunderstorms and rain, which tapered off and gradually cleared during our boat trip on the lake this morning.  The boat took us south on the lake  to the end point called Goat Haunt, population 5 during summer and 0 during winter.   We actually crossed the border into Montana, U.S.A. halfway down the lake.  Some people did some hiking and returned on a later boat, but they had to clear U.S. Customs first.  After seeing the grizzly bear yesterday we decided to give this a miss, and stick to more populated trails closer to civilization.

Storm Clouds Gathering over Upper Waterton Lake

Goat Haunt, southern end of Upper Waterton Lake, Montana, U.S.A.

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