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Friday, July 10, 2015

Skagway, Alaska

Skagway, Alaska was the starting off point for all the goldrush prospectors heading off for the Klondike goldfield in Dawson, Yukon.  The first part was the arduous trek up White Pass, starting not far from Skagway.  We caught the car ferry from Haines and discovered four cruise ships in port in Skagway, and the tiny town was overrun with tourists.  I left it till this morning to try to take some photos (yesterday's four ships had departed and today's four were yet to unload their passengers), but unfortunately the weather had deteriorated and the town was not looking so photogenic.

Now a pub and restaurant, previously a house of ill-repute!

The hills behind the town actually have snow and ice on them, even in July, but the low cloud means this can't be seen.

AB stands for Artic Brotherhood, and the false front on this building is made from over 1,000 pieces of driftwood.  Today it is used by the Skagway Chamber of Commerce.

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