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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Piazza San Marco, Basilica di San Marco and Doge's Palace, Venice

The Basilica di san Marco and Doge's Palace are reputed to be the No. 1 attractions in Venice, both found at Piazza San Marco.  (Saint Mark's Square).  We arrived after fighting our way through the  crowded narrow streets to find the basilica had scaffolding around part of it, and the crowds were even worse in the square.  We didn't go inside either building.  A selection of photos though.

A very small part of Basilica di San Marco.

The impressive Doge's Palace.

Gondola's lined up on the lagoon, waiting for passengers.  The next photo is taken from the tower in the background, taken a couple of day's later and involving a ferry ride to the island.

St Mark's Square is over on the left where the mass of people are beneath the bell tower.  The domes of the basilica are behind the huge Doge's Palace on the water front.

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