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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Florence, Italy, a selection

These a just a few random photos from my walking round.  

We crossed the Arno River and explored an old artisan quarter of town.  I guess the owner of this garage door was either a book lover, or even had a book binding business here, but was not open.

On the same street was the most amazing manufacturing jewellers.  The shop had an assortment of old musical instruments, as well as all sorts of one-off items of jewellery.  Also, chemicals in a range of bottles with bubbling coloured liquid.  Fascinating!

One of the many narrow streets, but this one decorated with fragrant star jasmine.

A shoe-maker with all his wooden moulds.

A very Spanish looking church.

I liked the juxtaposition of the washing and the religious painting.

One of the many dogs in Florence accompanying his owner to a bar/restaurant in this case.

We stayed in a nunnery in central Florence which offers accommodation.  Once the huge outside door was shut, you saw this view out into the courtyard garden.  Just beautiful.

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