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Friday, September 2, 2016

The Purple of the Heather

Up until today I had been disappointed in the colour of the heather as it seemed fairly washed out.  Up on the northwestern corner I think the climate is more severe, and the heather is in full bloom.

There were different colour here.  I'm not sure if they are different plants, or if the blooms change as they get older.

Not much heather here, more bracken.  This is an example of today's scenery though, with dramatic limestone outcrops.  We had not idea the road was going to be mostly one lane for miles and miles, with passing bays every so often.  As much of the road today was windy with very little visibility, I feel a nervous wreck after watching out for oncoming traffic the whole time.  This photo and the next one are on the rare occasion when we actually had a straight!

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