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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Australian Celtic Standing Stones, Glen Innes, NSW

The Australian Celtic Standing Stones were a delightful surprise.  They resemble a mini Stone Henge but are made from granite taken from within 50 k of Glen Innes.  I have taken the following text from the information brochure.

The ancient Celts raised stones as calendars to mark he seasons - when to sow, when to harvest - and they later developed religious significance.  Comprising 40 granite monoliths, the Standing Stones have a circle of 24 stones representing 24 hours of the day, three central stones, four cardinal stones marking true north, east, south and west, and seven stones marking summer and winter solstices.

The stones average 17 tonnes.  The official opening was 1992 and is recognised by the Celtic Council of Australia as the national gathering point for Celtic descendants and clans.

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