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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Red Rock Canyon, Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada

It was a fine, warm July afternoon when we visited Red Rock Canyon, so in hindsight it was not surprising that the carpark was full and we had to park way down the road.   I have visited other places with the name "Red Rock Canyon", but none was quite like this one.  I couldn't actually photograph that main part as it was FULL of small children, middlesized children and big children, all playing in the trickle of water running through the multicoloured "canyon".  As there were so many people we chose to go off on a hike to a waterfall, and I managed to take this photo with no people just before our track veered off.  I have no idea if, in fact, the "canyon" is bigger if you go in the other direction, but it was not very deep at this point.  I have no idea of the geology, but the colours alone make this a pretty unique place.

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