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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

American Pika

I had never heard of a pika before so was intrigued to see little one.
Here is the info if you are interested.
American pikas are small, rodent-like mammals. Although they look like a squirrel or guinea pig, they're actually more closely related to rabbits and hares. Pikas have short, stout bodies with big, round ears. They do not have a visible tail.
 Pikas are herbivores. They especially love grasses, weeds and tall wildflowers that grow in their rocky, high mountain habitat.
Pikas like to be prepared!  In the winter months, there are a lot less grasses and flowers growing in the mountains. To prepare for the lean times, pikas like to save up food during the summer. A pika will collect a pile of extra wildflowers and grasses and lay them out in the sun. The sun's heat dries the plants so they do not get moldy. The plants are stored in the pika's den until winter. 

American pikas could be the first species with the distinction of going extinct due to global warming. 

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