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Monday, July 27, 2015

Grinnell Glacier Hike, Many Glacier, Glacier National Park

The Grinnell Glacier Hike is a twelve kilometer return hike which gains 1,600 ft in altitude, through prime grizzly bear habitat.  We were fortunate and managed to get a place on a ranger led hike, which we were keen on as it meant we were not on our own.  As it turned out, yes we did see some grizzly bears, but they were quite some distance away and were not a problem.  It was a bit disconcerting to find very fresh bear scat (poo) right on our path though.  We had a great day, and will it be one of the highlights of our whole trip for me.

Grinnell Lake

Nearing the top, with Grinnell Glacier on the left.

Looks like a goat, but is a Bighorn Sheep (female I guess, as the males have big curly horns).

Grinnell Glacier, with it's glacial lake, and a lovely carpet of wildflowers growing out of the moraine.  This was taken from our lunch spot.

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